enter image description hereI'm having this error:

I've also tried the gui with no luck, rescan and so on.

It's an old wallet, but it should work with sweep_unmixable or sweep_all, but it doesn't.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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This seems to be a bug in sweep_unmixable, as evidenced from this recent PR:


I think you should be able to use the latest release-0.12 code, and it should then work.

  • I did but still the same
    – mobck
    Commented May 12, 2018 at 1:37
  • Then I guess a bug report on github.com/monero-project/monero is needed.
    – user36303
    Commented May 12, 2018 at 10:47
  • I'm trying to setup a fork of monero, and experience the same problem. How can I understand this issue better? I have only one output and it wants more outputs for ring size 10. I try to send coins generated from the Genesis block to several wallets. Commented Nov 9, 2023 at 20:00

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