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What is the latest version of GUI:

On it says that the latest version to download is Lithium Luna, but when I download the zip file, it says the zip file name is I'm having trouble when sending ...
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Error: not enough outputs for specified ring size = 7 in monero Lithium Luna

I'm having this error: I've also tried the gui with no luck, rescan and so on. It's an old wallet, but it should work with sweep_unmixable or sweep_all, but it doesn't. Any help would be ...
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Lithium Luna CLI no connection to Daemon unable to transfer

monero-wallet-cli v0.12.0.0 Lithium Luna OS: Linux 64bit Ubuntu 16.04 Transfer via CLI no longer works. A couple days ago this worked fine. I run the transfer command. [wallet 4xxxxx]: transfer ...
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