My Monero GUI wallet cannot connect to monerod. I get this:

Status connection error

This is what I had tried:

  • I did a completely new installation.
  • I have deleted C:/ProgramData/bitmonero folder.
  • I deleted the unzipped folder containing Monero GUI wallet.
  • I downloaded the wallet again.
  • I ran Monero GUI wallet but the old wallet is still open and asked me for a password.
  • After I set a password the wallet will open with 0 balance and status disconnected.

Any idea to solve that? monerod seems open and work correctly.

Thanks for help.

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To completely remove Monero GUI Wallet from Windows 10 you need to:

  • Delete folder bitmonero in: C:\ProgramData\bitmonero\
  • Delete folder Monero in: %userprofile%\Documents\Monero
  • Delete registry entries The Monero Project:

    regedit > Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Monero Project\

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