I have already downloaded the Monero software. It includes monero-cli-wallet, monero-gui-wallet, monerod, monero-wallet-rpc etc.

How do I create a new wallet using using these tools?

Using GUI Wallet I am not able to change to Testnet. Is there any way to change the network type?

How do I setup a daemon for a testnet wallet using monerod/monero-wallet-cli?

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For the command-line tools, all you need to do is add the flag --testnet when running them.

For example, to run your daemon: monerod --testnet. And when your testnet daemon is fully synced to the testnet network, you can then create a wallet using: monero-wallet-cli --testnet.

If you are using the GUI, there is "Testnet" checkbox somewhere. See this answer.

  • Ok, let me check for monerod. I've found that option of testnet for gui wallet inside advance mode fourth options while creating a wallet.
    – Rudrika
    Jul 24, 2019 at 5:19

You could do something like this (Linux shell):

export NETTYPE=testnet
export WALLET=my-${NETTYPE}-wallet

monerod --detach --${NETTYPE}

monero-wallet-cli --${NETTYPE} \
    --use-english-language-names \
    --generate-new-wallet ${WALLET} \
    --create-address-file \
    --password 'secretpassword'

Your public address will be in a file my-testnet-wallet.address.txt

Don't forget to copy your mnemonic seed words to a safe place

  • If not using Linux/Ubantu, is there any process for windows?
    – Rudrika
    Jul 23, 2019 at 14:50

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