I downloaded monero-cli for windows, I double clicked monerod, when its synchronised I double clicked monero-wallet-cli, I created wallet, then I clicked monero-wallet-rpc, it gets closed within a second, I tried to use wallet rpc methods using postman but could not get any response, but when I use daemon rpc methods which are on 18081 as per official documentation, it gave me a response. What am I doing wrong while accessing wallet-rpc methods?

  • You could start with opening a cmd window and than starting the monero-wallet-rpc from there. Than you will se the error message. Post it here please.
    – onefox
    Commented Apr 25, 2018 at 21:26

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When starting your monero-wallet-rpc you need to specify which wallet file to use along with a password and a port.

run monero-wallet-rpc -h to see arguments to start the wallet rpc server.


If you click on an icon, it's likely not set up to pass a port (-p XXXX), which is a required argument. Additionally, either a wallet (--wallet-file XXXX) or wallet directory (--wallet-dir XXXX) is needed. As far as I know, Windows does not need any special things done for just running it, so any Linux based example should work the same on Windows.

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