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Use the parameter: --wallet-file <file name here>. E.g. monero-wallet-cli --wallet-file MyWallet (assuming you have a wallet file named "MyWallet" in the current working directory)


You cannot get a balance with a view key alone. All you can do with a view key is view incoming transactions - not get a wallet balance. To determine a wallet balance you also need a way to know what is spent. With a view-only wallet, you can import key images which will enable you to view a balance. Thus, you would first have to create a view-only wallet ...


How do I view only these transactions that were sent to this subaddress? [wallet]: help incoming_transfers Command usage: incoming_transfers [available|unavailable] [verbose] [uses] [index=<N1>[,<N2>[,...]]] Command description: Show the incoming transfers, all or filtered by availability and address index. Output format: Amount, ...


The command to view the properties is the set command. You can access it like this: ./monero-wallet-cli --daemon-host XMR_NODE --wallet-file WALLET_FILE \ --password 'XXXXX' set To set a property, you just run the following: set ask-password 0

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