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If and only if the two machines have the same endianness. Make sure you copy the file while it is not being written to (ie, monerod is not running).


The question is not really suited for this StackExchange as it incites debate, however... Suppose some billionaire buys a huge amount of Monero coins, then dies and nobody can recover his keys. Doesn't this mean those coins are effectively lost for eternity? The lost coins are effectively removed from circulation if "nobody can recover his keys", yes. ...


There's no concerns theoretically, since Monero's tail emission continues to bring more Monero into the world, but there's a few you can think of in practice: XMR denominations could become too cumbersome to pay for small things (this was already apparent during the run of 2017) A future era of quantum computers could allow the coins to be stolen Press ...


It helps to better understand first how pruning works. When pruning, your blockchain gets split into stripes. These start from a random point chosen when you first decide to prune. If you are pruning, only your pruning stripes get pruned (non-essential data gets removed after validation). The non-pruning stripes will have full data. So every node that ...

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