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does it help the Monero network? Not really. What helps is full nodes and bandwidth, if you have >1 node sharing the same pipe so to speak, you are still offering the same bandwidth, just split between daemons. If the goal is to help as much as possible, make sure you allow lots of peers and as much bandwidth as you can share. See options: --out-peers ...


Simply add LANG=C LC_ALL=C infront of the ./monerod command... The entire command could look something like this: LANG=C LC_ALL=C /home/$USER/monero-x86_64-linux-gnu-v0.17.1.0/monerod

1 mining software works on Monero with nodejs? Mining "works" the same irrespective of the platform the pool/miner is built on. Documentation of a nodejs based pool can be found at nodejs-pool.

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