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I sometimes encounter Monero transactions with more than two inputs. This is very common and happens automatically. Your wallet uses outputs it receives, as inputs to fund a transaction. Sometimes your wallet will need to use multiple outputs (as inputs), to fund a transaction. This however is different from your question: If I have access to multiple ...


I'm running up to 3 monero daemon's on an very old laptop. 2 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD. Plus 3 heavy Nodejs apps, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and sendmail. Once a daemon is synced, the CPU and RAM usage is very little. Linux Kernel 4.4.182 #1 SMP x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T8100 @ 2.10GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux


On one of my boxes, monerod is using 1.2GB RAM, and on another 2GB. Both of these are Ubuntu. Of course, you'll also need a hard disk, ideally SSD, with 30GB+ free for a pruned node or 80GB+ for an unpruned node.


Well there seems to be quite a few open issues using that particular nodejs library with digest auth. I suggest using another library. The fact it works with curl proves this is not a Monero issue.

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