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Primo is a protocol and associated suite of software allowing a website to request payment for service by mining Monero to an address owned by the website owner. Primo enables the following scenario: Maureen is a webmistress, and she quite frankly doesn't like the way the web is full of advertisements/malware, and decides to get income from her website in ...


Quoting the relevant commit message: daemon, wallet: new pay for RPC use system Daemons intended for public use can be set up to require payment in the form of hashes in exchange for RPC service. This enables public daemons to receive payment for their work over a large number of calls. This system behaves similarly to a pool, so payment takes the form of ...


How to get the transaction public key and outputs from get_transactions? Parse the field named extra to get the public key. The 32 bytes after the byte 0x01 is the tx public key. The output keys are in txs[].as_json.vout[].target[].key if you used the parameter decode_as_json:true.

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