I started the mining process with:

start_mining <walletaddress> 16 and,

start_mining 16 <walletaddress>

Both returned: Error: invalid argument: must be either 0/1, true/false, y/n, yes/no

How do I mine on one machine, but automatically send the reward to an address on another machine.

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In the daemon (monerod):

help start_mining 
Command usage: 
  start_mining <addr> [<threads>|auto] [do_background_mining] [ignore_battery]

Command description: 
  Start mining for specified address. Defaults to 1 thread and no background mining. 
  Use "auto" to autodetect optimal number of threads.

The wallet address (<addr>) can be any wallet's main (not sub) address. It doesn't matter where the wallet is (local or remote).

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