Can anyone please tell me how I can integrate Monero using PHP? Do I need to install monero wallet first? I am using this Monero library, but don't know how to login to Monero by using it. If I need to install a Monero wallet first, then how I can install it on my host? I have searched a lot about this on the internet but failed to find anything

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The file you linked is not a Monero library. At most, all it shows is a couple of examples of calling the RPC methods, for which is an easy task in any coding language. Just run the monero-wallet-rpc application and call its HTTP methods.

If you want/need to use a library that wraps that up further, for example because you don't know how to call a HTTP based API or don't want to work with parsing JSON, there are a few Monero PHP wrapper libraries, such as monero-integrations/monerophp.

Regardless what library you use (if any), you will first need to create a wallet file (either with monero-wallet-cli or the Monero GUI wallet), then on your server, run monerod (the daemon) and monero-wallet-rpc (the thing that exposes RPC methods to work with your wallet).

Another approach is to use a payment processor, such as GloBee. These have their own API but allow you to accept payments without needing to run a daemon or wallet RPC, useful if you don't have a hosting environment that you can install/run your own applications on.

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