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Questions tagged [trustless-trading]

Questions about trading in a manner where no trust in a counterparty or 3rd party arbiter is required. May relate to possible uses for multisig transactions

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Is it possible to deposit XMR in Monero network for other users to claim/withdraw later?

This is basically what I want to do with monero: Alice holds a contest and the winner will get some XMR as bonus. Alice deposits some XMR on blockchain and others can verify the existance of such ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Tutorial on how to make a trade on the Bisq Decentralized Exchange using Monero to Bitcoin?

With the growing adoption of the Bisq exchange, is there an easy to follow tutorial on how to trade Monero to Bitcoin using the Bisq Decentralized Exchange? How does it work exactly? Is there a monero ...
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5 votes
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Can you make contingent payments in Monero?

Bitcoin allows one to make contingent payments, where the transaction only goes through if the receiver reveals some piece of information. The most basic example of this is P2SH, which is hard coded ...
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Can you trustlessly trade Monero for Bitcoin?

Some cryptocurrencies can be traded in a trustless manner, also known as atomic cross-chain traded. This means that when the trade is done, either the entire trade is done, or none of it is (otherwise,...
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