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Questions tagged [p2p-exchange]

questions about p2p-exchanges such as bitsquare

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Where do I get the public key of the publisher of haveno-reto?

Where do I get the public key of the publisher of haveno-reto?
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How do cryptocurrency exchange services generate disposable / sub-addresses?

I am developing my cryptocurrency exchange service. The first problem - how to distinguish clients from each other? It seems to me that other services have solved this problem by generating something ...
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What is the least expensive way to buy Monero with fiat?

I'm looking to buy monero using the Dollar Cost Averaging strategy where purchases are made for for relatively small amounts of fiat on a periodic schedule. I'm a bit unfamiliar with the p2p approach ...
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Monero fiat on-ramps and off-ramps in Australia?

What are the options for buying and selling Monero in Australia?
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How To: Atomic Swaps

How do you trustlessly exchange BTC for XMR?
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What's the main difference between Atomic Swap and Bisq?

I do not know if this can be a monero-related question. I have the following one: what's the main difference (or the differences) between Atomic Swap and Bisq? Bisq seems a P2P market that connects ...
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Tutorial on how to make a trade on the Bisq Decentralized Exchange using Monero to Bitcoin?

With the growing adoption of the Bisq exchange, is there an easy to follow tutorial on how to trade Monero to Bitcoin using the Bisq Decentralized Exchange? How does it work exactly? Is there a monero ...
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Does bisq have a monero premium when buying?

Where can one see if bisq has a premium when buying monero using bitcoin or ethereum?
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Exchange for Monero Fork

Once a custom Fork of Monero has been created, what are the steps for allowing "people" to be able to buy the currency online? Does an exchange need to be created or is it a case of approaching an ...
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What options are available for directly buying Monero with fiat currency?

What are options available to convert fiat currencies into Monero directly, without having to go through a Bitcoin transit hoop first? I am not looking for a recommendation for a particular service, ...
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How does MoneroClub work?

How does MoneroClub work? Is there a trust system that can be used to compare traders? Is escrow available? How does the site make money?
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Average daily trading volume

What is the current average daily trading volume for Monero on known exchanges? How many known exchanges trade Monero? Is there any way to estimate the amount of P2P trading that takes place but is ...
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