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questions about over the counter trading which may occur face to face or online. distinct from p2p-exchange based trading that occurs on decentralized exchanges such as bitsquare.

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What is the least expensive way to buy Monero with fiat?

I'm looking to buy monero using the Dollar Cost Averaging strategy where purchases are made for for relatively small amounts of fiat on a periodic schedule. I'm a bit unfamiliar with the p2p approach ...
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Tutorial on how to make a trade on the Bisq Decentralized Exchange using Monero to Bitcoin?

With the growing adoption of the Bisq exchange, is there an easy to follow tutorial on how to trade Monero to Bitcoin using the Bisq Decentralized Exchange? How does it work exactly? Is there a monero ...
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Is there a record of Monero OTC trading before it was listed on an exchange?

Before Monero was added to its first exchange: What was the first recorded price (in Bitcoin) for a Monero trade? What was the highest and lowest OTC price for Monero?? How much OTC trading volume ...
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Average daily trading volume

What is the current average daily trading volume for Monero on known exchanges? How many known exchanges trade Monero? Is there any way to estimate the amount of P2P trading that takes place but is ...
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