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Theorectical questions (because they do not yet exist for Monero) about using FPGAs for mining

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Hash rate of three million mining Monero?

Is this article truthful when it quotes a hash rate of three million when mining Monero? If so, what is the way to learn and apply the RandomX algorithm in FPGA hardware? What knowledge is required? ...
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How can I Mine Monero using a Processor in Memory PCIe Card?

Where can I find out more (enough) about Processor in Memory (PIM) Mining (Monero and a few suitable other Cryptocurrencys) on a PCIe Card? One example of such a Card is the Micron D480 Automata ...
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Approximate cost of developing Cryptonight ASICs

I have already seen reasons why Cryptonight is more resistant to ASICs as compared to SHA256 for example: Cryptonight takes advantage of the AES-NI instruction set available on most modern machines ...
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