I loaded 2 PCs with Monero GUI and use the same wallet on both. 5 of 6 transactions are the same and the balance is @1 XMR different. For the 6th transaction, one wallet says I received 0.6 XMR, the other says an "unknown recipient" was sent .94 XMR. How can I reconcile these transactions? One is obviously wrong. I looked at the check transaction feature but I don't seem to have all the right info from one GUI to input into the other.

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Which wallet is accurate? The one with 5 or 6 transactions? I would likely delete the GUI and the wallets. Reinstall the GUI and then recover the wallet from the seed but I'm not expert.

  • The one that says I paid to an "unknown recipient" is wrong. I was trying to avoid downloading the whole blockchain but I will if I have to Commented Feb 21, 2021 at 1:44

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