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1 answer

Stuck at 4/10 confirmations, balance locked

So, my understanding is that it takes 10 confirmations to get the XMR balance unlocked in the wallet. I my deposited XMR from an exchange to my XMR wallet over 48 hours ago and I am at 4/10 ...
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Can you lose your mined XMR from a pool?

In the past I had generated a wallet and used that address to mine in a pool (minexmr). I had mined for a couple of months and I remember that I gather a "substantial" amount. However, I ...
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1 answer

Monero coins locked after sending money

My whole balance locked after sending money. I have read about monero locking balance on the internet. Balance blocking is only monero blockchain feature or all cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin locks money ...
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Please wait 20 minutes for your entire balance to become spendable

I keep receiving a message that shows my Monero balance, but spendable balance is zero. The prompt reads "Please wait 20 minutes for your entire balance to become spendable". It has been over an hour. ...
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How to get the balance of an integrated address?

As an integrated address is different from a subaddress and account hierarchy, how do I get the balance of an integrated address?
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How do I stop locking my balance when executing transactions?

I have a wallet with 0.1XMR in it. I did a test transaction of 0.00001XMR, which I sent to another address owned by an exchange. After sending this tiny transaction, my unlocked balance went from 0.1 ...
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Unlocked Balance 0 , Balance is correct.

recently updated to the new Monero v0.13.0.3 and i am resyncing the entire blockchain, My balance is correct, but my unlocked balance shows 0. Also the 2 old transactions from a few months ago show 0/...
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When is monero "unlocked balance" updated? [duplicate]

I just sent some coins out and now my unlocked balance is zero, but my balance shows a positive. How long do I have to wait to get it to update my unlocked balance?
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