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Which Monero release should be used on Asus Tinker Board?

I noticed there are two ARM releases, v7 and v8, but I couldn't find what version is the Tinker Board. Which one should I use?
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1 answer

What is Monero's release naming convention?

The last two Monero releases are alliteratively named Hydrogen Helix and Wolfram Warptangent. Is there a convention used to name those releases, such as Ubuntu's also alliterative adjective/animal ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Why is it called Monero?

Why is Monero called Monero? Shouldn't it have a cool tech-sounding name like Bitcoin or Interslice or Globalcom?
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4 answers

Monero or Bitmonero?

If Monero is official name of this project, why is the name bitmonero still commonly used? Even the daemon is named bitmonerod. Are both names Monero or Bitmonero considered correct?
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