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As a PoW alternative, the proof-of-stake (PoS) algortithm is designed to save energy costs. Proof of Stake alone is considered to be an unworkable consensus mechanism against motivated attackers who hold a stake in the currency because creating forks is costless when you aren't burning an external resource (energy). These free attacks can be repeated over and over until sucessful

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What is the command to unstake / unlock loki from a service node on the loki network?

What is the command line command to unlock / unstake my loki from a loki service node?
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What is the loki wallet cli command to join a staking pool service node?

Currently the docs only show how to do join a loki staking pool via the gui: But how does one join a staking pool via the command line loki ...
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Would it be possible to use PoS on Monero without corrupting privacy and if possible how?

Is there a possibility of zero-knowledge proof of stake without disclosing your balance?
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Could proof-of-stake be implemented in a privacy coin, even in principle?

Is there, even in principle, a smart way to implement proof-of-stake in any privacy currency where you are always hiding your balance from others? (I'm not interested in discussing the advantages of ...
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Will Monero ever move to Proof of Stake (PoS)?

As an ecological dilemma, burning a lot of energy via PoW seems not to align with the progressive agenda of an aspiring global cryptocurrency.
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Why does Monero use proof of work?

Why does Monero use proof of work instead of something that saves electricity like proof of stake? Have there been any serious to abandon PoW for PoS at some point similar to the plan of Ethereum ...
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