With Lithium Luna v0.12 sub-addresses were added.

How do I create and manage sub-addresses that I can use to enhance my privacy?

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The new cli command is called address.

address [ new <label text with white spaces allowed> | all | <index_min> 
[<index_max>] | label <index> <label text with white spaces allowed>]

To create a new sub-address for the current account use address new. You can view all addresses with the address all command.

Example sub-address creation

Each sub-address will get an index starting with 1 since the primary account address is at index 0.

You can also add a label to each sub-address as optional parameter or later with the label option.

Edit: If you want to see balance on the sub-addresses you can use the command "balance detail" on the cli.

  • Can you rename a label?
    – farinspace
    Commented May 10, 2021 at 15:55

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