I have a legacy v0.9.14.0 aeond running, fully synchronized. When I install the rebased software, will I need to redownload the Aeon blockchain from scratch, or can I convert the existing blockchain folder to LMDB format directly?

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There's currently no way to convert the existing blockchain to LMDB format. Technically, you have to re-download. However, since you already have that legacy blockchain, there's a faster way by using that as the exclusive source for your synchronization.

As a first step, relocate the blockchain directory and start up the legacy aeond daemon using the --data-dir parameter:

mv ${HOME}/.aeon ${HOME}/.aeon-legacy
${PATH_TO_LEGACY}/aeond --data-dir ${HOME}/.aeon-legacy

Next, start up the rebased aeond daemon using the --add-exclusive-node parameter and – temporarily – different TCP ports, e.g.:

${PATH_TO_REBASE}/aeond --add-exclusive-node \
    --p2p-bind-port 11190 --rpc-bind-port 11191

Once the blockchain is fully synchronized, you should see the message SYNCHRONIZED OK. After that, you can stop the legacy aeond daemon with the exit command, and restart the rebased aeond daemon without the extra parameters.

Note: Optionally, you can remove the legacy blockchain directory ${HOME}/.aeon-legacy if you don't intend to start that up anymore.

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