Block explorer explorer.xmr.my currently shows a transaction in the memory pool with "Age 76:18:00", that is more than 3 days.

enter image description here

Assuming the information shown is accurate, I am wondering why it wouldn't be included in a block?


I checked the 56c5e5f2a7f6ab97a0c589731278a7d4ef0516484cde1376e213b5b160af548b tx hash at each of the other block explorers mentioned in this answer with the following results:


Uh-oh Shame on you! There is no such thing as 56c5e5f2a7f6ab97a0c589731278a7d4ef0516484cde1376e213b5b160af548b in Monero's blockchain!

Chain Radar

Not Found (#404) Unable to resolve the request "xmr/search/ 56c5e5f2a7f6ab97a0c589731278a7d4ef0516484cde1376e213b5b160af548b".

Onion Monero Blockchain Explorer

Search results for: 56c5e5f2a7f6ab97a0c589731278a7d4ef0516484cde1376e213b5b160af548b Nothing in the blockchain has been found that matches the search term :-(

Monero Explorer currently displays a message at the top of its screen

Info! We are updating the site with new features, some function are temporarily disabled.

The payment ID contained in the tx hash you found has been used in over 2,000 transactions. These factors point to a possibility that this issue could be an error related to testing of the feature updates now being conducted by that particular block explorer.

  • Meanwhile, the weird entry is gone there. Like you suggested at the end of your answer, I now also think that it was some kind of glitch (or testing). Yesterday, when it was still shown, I couldn't see the transaction hash in the output of the get_transaction_pool RPC call as described in this question.
    – dpzz
    Nov 19 '16 at 1:52

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