The Loki network is going to be upgrading to v4 in the coming week to prepare for RandomX mining and as a Storage Server for messaging. Currently I am on version 3. How do I update my Loki SN to get ready for this hardfork?

  • Answer below also works for v5 update as of 2019-OCT Commented Oct 23, 2019 at 20:44

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First login to your service node and make sure you are using the user that launches the loki-launcher. Following the guide: https://lokidocs.com/ServiceNodes/UpdateGuide/ -- My user is snode.

For those looking for a one liner, you can do this otherwise skip it: 

$ su snode
$ loki-launcher stop; sudo npm install -g loki-launcher; sudo loki-launcher download-binaries; sudo loki-launcher fix-perms snode; loki-launcher start

Then make sure you stop the loki service using:

loki-launcher stop

If that doesn't work you can stop it like this too:

sudo systemctl stop lokid.service

Once stopped, we can proceed to update loki. First update loki-launcher using:

sudo npm install -g loki-launcher

Then update lokid binaries using:

sudo loki-launcher download-binaries

And make sure your permissions are fixed also by:

sudo loki-launcher fix-perms snode

To double check goto your folder:

cd ~/.loki

And see if any of the files or folders have root as the owner. If it does, change it to snode: sudo chown snode:snode < folder/file >

Now lets start your lokid: loki-launcher start

Then do a: loki-launcher client

Let it wait as it will have to scan the blockchain for the new version. My vps took about 10-15 mins to do the scanning. You should see this:

enter image description here

When done, you'll see SYNCHRONIZED OKAY

And check on your SN status with: print_sn_status

Next make sure your STORAGE SERVER is working. Just do a: loki-launcher status -- if it shows OFFLINE, you can try to launch it manually to see if its throwing errors like this: /opt/loki/bin/loki-storage 23023 --- I had the issue where it was showing OFFLINE, it was due to my ~/.loki/storage folder was owned by root. A chown to snode fixed it.

Also be aware of:

IP Address:

Storage Server Port: 0

Downtime Credits: 720 blocks (about 24.00 hours)

Its suppose to look like that as the fork hasn't happened yet.

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