Loki just released instant transactions for a cryptonote coin. What is the transaction fee and does this fee get burned when making a loki blink transaction?

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The loki blink transactions are 5x the fee minimum fee of 0.04 which equals to 0.2 loki fee to do a blink transaction. 4/5 of that fee is burned and the 1/5 is paid out to miners.

The base fee is slightly higher than 0.04; it's 0.04 plus a small per-byte amount. The cli wallet has a "fee" command that can spit out the details along with a typical tx estimate:

Current fee is 0.000000192 loki per byte + 0.020000000 loki per output Current blink fee is 0.000000960 loki per byte + 0.100000000 loki per output Estimated typical small transaction fees: 0.040480000 (unimportant), 0.202400000 (normal), 1.012000000 (elevated), 5.060000000 (priority), 0.202400000 (blink)

Eventually blink transactions will be on by default making every transaction on the loki network instant.

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