(Primary enviornment Mac OS 10.13.6, running local node, completly synced) I updated my GUI after the fork and successfully completed one transaction. Two weeks later, I attempt to open the GUI and it wont load. I found an update which was downloaded and installed. I kept all previous blockchain headers, wallet info, etc, opened the new GUI, wallet and daemon proceeded to sync quickly. My previous balance was visible. I was sent more XMR and it was recived and unlocked.

I attempted to make a small test transaction (.1) to a known working address (friend's address), and the send button is greyed out. The box around the address shows it is a valid address (no red box).

I installed the GUI on a bootcamp partition of the same mac running Windows 10,(imported blockchain headers from Mac OS) same exact issue.

I tried running a remote node

Am I missing something implimented in the new update? Anyone else have this issue? I've spent at least 4 hours so far troubleshooting and researching. I don't have access to a non-Mac to try running the GUI on.

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    Try 0.1 not .1 I read somewhere one needs the leading zero.
    – Dave
    Nov 15, 2018 at 23:45

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An amount below 1 has to be entered as 0.x and not as .x in the GUI. Put differently, the GUI will not accept amounts that are stated as .x

Note that we (the GUI contributors) are working on making improvements in this regard.

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