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Can Monero support smart contracts

Although Monero is a cryptocurrency, can it's infrastructure (blockchain + crypto functionality etc.) be harnessed to provide smart contract functionality? Has anyone done work on this?
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Could a prediction market like Augur be built on top of Monero?

Are there any technical reasons preventing a decentralized prediction market like Augur from eventually being built on top of Monero? Besides multisig what other Monero development needs to be ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Smart contract privacy

What type of smart contracts sidechains would most benefit from the privacy that Monero provides by default? Assuming that many types of smart contracts sidechains were operational today, which would ...
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Would smart contracts ever be possible on Monero?

Way in the future say in a sidechain or something would smart contracts be possible? And if so would they be able to benefit from Monero's privacy features?
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