Are atomic swaps possible between Monero and Bitcoin / altcoins? What features are needed to make this work?

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Seems like there could be a neat novel way to do it, according to MimbleWimble mailing list post by A. Poelstra.

Note that the s' values need to be re-communicated every time the transaction changes (as does the nonce). Because it depends on the other party's nonce, this might require an additional round of interaction per channel update.

Note also that nothing I've said depends at all on what's being signed. This means this works just as well for MimbleWimble as it would for Bitcoin+Schnorr as it would for Monero (with a multisig ring-CT construction) as it would for Ethereum+Schnorr. Further, it can link transactions across chains.

I'm very excited about this.



There's also some discussion about it here.

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