In the reddit thread, they discussed if 15Kh/s is good hashrate. Someone argues that he wouldn't solomine below 50kh. But gingeropolous finds its enough to solo mine. And the post was 9 months ago.

On pool list I see few pools with 2.85 KH/s and I think isn't that already too low?

I am considering to switch from Ethereum mining to Monero Mining. But instead of joining a big pool to run a own small pool. I estimate that my rigs will bring about 4.4 KH/s.

Question: Is it worth to start own pool with 4.4 KH/s ?

Or rather should I join a small existing pool with small fee ?

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It's up to personal preference, really. On average, block reward is generally evenly distributed according to hashing power. If you're okay with mining for months at a time without receiving a payout, then perhaps you're better off. If you win a block while solo mining, you don't have to share the block reward with anyone, nor do you have to pay the fee to the mining pool.


There is a solo mining calculator here: https://www.monero.how/monero-mining-calculator

This will give you an understanding of the probability of successfully mining a solo block on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.


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