I'm a Salesforce developer Engineer, with 8+ years of experience programming PHP, 4+ years of experience programming in Java, 8+ years of experience programming JavaScript, 8+ years of experience programming HTML & CSS. I have done full stack development in modern javascript frameworks like react and Vue.js and have experience with cross platform mobile development.

I am also proficient programming experience in Apex Code and Visualforce Pages, proficient experience of salesforce SOQL and SOSL, excellent understanding of salesforce Web Services, excellent understanding of salesforce security model, and experience with database concepts and data modeling capabilities

As a Salesforce Force .com developer, I possess:

  • Solid foundation programming in object oriented languages (including Java & PHP) and I've demonstrated writing efficient and scalable Apex Code and Visualforce code.

  • Experience developing through all phases of the development
    lifecycle, from initial technical designs, implementation, testing,
    to production deployments.

  • Ability to quickly learn new features, technologies, and to
    communicate effectively with various business owners, and technical
    staff members.

  • Ability to design, develop, and configuring cutting edge
    salesforce.com applications.

  • Expertise on the salesforce.com API's, profiles, and security model
    while maintaining and configuring development and test instances for internal sandboxes.

  • Detailed best practices and documentation for applications.

Please feel free to contact me at scott.faisal at google mail. I will try my best to answer your query in a timely manner.

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