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Questions about Monero addresses, including address types, usage, purpose and format
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questions about using the same address more than once. Sometimes used to contrast the impact of address reuse in Monero (with mandatory stealth addressing) with Bitcoin or other blockchains where stea…
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Questions about Monero address format, length, checksum and validity.
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Monero fork with a modified PoW, Mobile-friendly PoW, low memory footprint and optional pruning branch
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Questions about the details and implementation of various algorithms involved in Monero.
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discussion of mobile wallets for the Android operating system
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questions about ASIC development including estimated time, cost, complexity and profitability
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Theorectical questions (because they do not yet exist for Monero) about using ASICs for mining
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Reference to any attack, real or hypothetical of the Monero network, services or users
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Questions about auditing and the auditability of the Monero blockchain
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available to be included in ring signatures in order to obscure which output is actually being spent in a given transaction
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Question about how to backup Monero wallet of sensitive information. See also wallet-recovery tag to procedure about how to recover from backup.
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Questions about Monero bandwidth usage and requirements as it relates to scaling and performance
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non anonymous tokens that can be converted into anonymous zerocoins according to the Zcash protocol
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Questions about Bitcoin as they relate or compare to Monero