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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

first block of monero that was ever mined
26 questions
5 questions
questions about operated by the Monero core team
10 questions
Git is a free and open source distributed version control system used for software development
6 questions
Questions about the Github repository used for Monero source code and source code of related projects
19 questions
questions about how Monero nodes are distributed around the world
4 questions
4 questions
questions about how decisions are made by the development team and community at large.
4 questions
GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) is free open source software supporting the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) data encryption and decryption system
4 questions
Questions about using GPUs for mining.
111 questions
0 questions
Any alteration to Monero which changes the block structure (including block hash), difficulty rules, or set of valid transactions
68 questions
questions about hardware wallets either offering or developing support for Monero
24 questions
the measuring unit of the processing power used to secure the Monero network.
64 questions
comparison of hashrate between different equipment, different time periods or different networks
11 questions
The process of comparing the hash value of downloaded Monero related software to a previously calculated value (often GPG signed by a developer) in order to verify that it is authentic and has not bee…
23 questions
4 questions
Questions or discussion about the history of Monero and its origin
25 questions
Monero wallet where an internet connected device stores or has access to the private spend key.
6 questions
Mastermind behind LMDB, Monero developer
1 question
3 questions
2 questions
An open-source low-latency P2P overlay network that uses garlic routing to provide location anonymity.
50 questions
Zero dependency, small footprint, cross-platform I2P Java Router with simple tunnel/socks controller and SAM interface.
5 questions
An immutable blockchain is one whose state cannot be modified after it is created
1 question
Discussion about the implementation of the Monero protocol and related services
17 questions
0 questions
8 questions
An integrated address is an address combined with a 64-bit payment ID which will be encrypted on the blockchain. A raw integrated address is 106 characters long.
49 questions
discussion of mobile wallets for the iOS platform
7 questions
abbreviation for internet relay chat
3 questions
5 questions
questions about javascript usage by Monero related services, including its purpose and possible risks
45 questions
Name of popular multicurrency, multiplatform wallet currently in the process of integrating Monero
2 questions
3 4
6 7