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Is there a way to pre-generate 1000 subaddresses from your monero private key? Generating subaddresses from a private view key explained in this answer and on the monerodocs site here. And then say I sent some xmr to the 979th subaddress, would the wallet see it or do I need to do something first? The default wallet lookahead indices are set to 50:200 (...


Each Monero transaction contains multiple inputs/outputs. It is not expected that you own all of the outputs of the transaction; only those destined for you. The utility you used is reporting: This address owns output 1 with pubkey: 238a...48ce for amount: 0.297602 Which indicates that your address did, in fact, receive 0.297602 XMR.


Yes. A wallet starts life with one account (account index 0), which has one address (your primary wallet address). A wallet has one or more accounts and accounts have one or more addresses.

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