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What is StringCT?

StringCT is an upgrade to the existing RingCT MLSAG ring signatures. It was initially informally known as RuffCT in honor of Tim Ruffing, who is one of the authors of the paper (soon to be published) ...
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Development Roadmap Design and Consensus

The Monero Design and Development goals roadmap was produced by the Monero Core Team The Core Team is an integral part of Monero Research Lab so cooperation is ongoing. For simple tasks Monero ...
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Has Monero published a definitive, concise threat model?

There is none. This is an excellent opportunity for a new contributor with knowledge of threat modelling :)
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Editing Monero Papers

Find everything you asked for at I do not know how well PRs will work on that though, but do try.
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MRL RingCT research in the Ledger Journal

What are the background and qualifications of those assigned to do the peer review? Do we know the identity of "reviewer A" and "reviewer C" that are cited in the open review? As with most academic ...
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Is there MRL-0007? What topic is it about?

Based on this comment from fluffypony it appears that MRL-007 was skipped and does not (currently) exist. @kenshi84 any chance you could do a formal write-up and submit it to the Monero Research ...
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What is the size of the set of spent key images in Monero?

Each transaction input has a key image, and there are around 2.1 inputs per transaction on average. So, the 'key image set' is around 2x the number of transactions on-chain. I do not believe a zero-...
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What is the size of the set of spent key images in Monero?

What is the exact size of the set of already spent key images and how it can be checked? Do we need to download the Monero blockchain to get the size? Yes, you'd need to download the blockchain. Once ...
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