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What's the difference between the CryptoNightR and RandomX algorithms?

Quoting SChernykh (one of the CryptonightR authors): CryptonightR is a modification to Cryptonight whereas RandomX is done completely from scratch. The main purpose of CryptonightR is to be the ...
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Is there preferred hardware on which to run simplewallet to ensure random wallet generation?

The Trezor built on a 32-bit ARM Cortex has a true Random Number Generator (RNG). Having analog-to-digital (A/D) converter making very small voltage measurements can assure randomness. Most ...
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Is it feasible to introduce output key reuse checking?

Answered by smooth_xmr: We looked at this but it would add additional permanent overhead and reduce scalability to prevent what is essentially burning coins, which is silly. Someone who wants to ...
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How MoneroDice is provably fair?

A hex string is created using a hash_hmac(serverSeed, clientSeed_nonce) function, where "clientSeed_nonce" is literally the client seed, the underscore character, and the nonce, all concatenated ...
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