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Quoting the relevant commit message: daemon, wallet: new pay for RPC use system Daemons intended for public use can be set up to require payment in the form of hashes in exchange for RPC service. This enables public daemons to receive payment for their work over a large number of calls. This system behaves similarly to a pool, so payment takes the form of ...


Until an option to buy it directly through Monero will be available (you can check it on, you can buy 'Mastering Monero: The future of private transactions' with XMR in this way: use to convert Monero in Bitcoin use converted coins to buy a gift card for Amazon at or with another ...


I like your intentions. But that's not really going to happen, for a long time, if ever. As with all cryptocurrencies, the vendor, shop, utility, landlord, etc need to accept it. There are ways to convert the cryptocurrencies to your local money, and/or to send that to a payee. But they will give a bad exchange rate and add fees on top of that. In a ...


Is it possible to send from integrated to standard address? Yes, of course. You simply send from the wallet you created the integrated address. This is because funds aren't technically sent from an address, they are set from a wallet that previously received funds. ...the site i want to send from uses a 64-bit integrated address Integrated addresses ...


You will want to use the wallet RPC interface, not daemon RPC. Therefore, if you are going to be using payment IDs you can use get_payments, or if you plan to use subaddresses per customer/order you can use incoming_transfers to monitor incoming transactions by subaddress.


I believe you are looking for subaddress


Take a look at get_transfers. It has many options for filtering your transfers.

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