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6 votes

Is it possible to solo-mine on a non-public node?

Those outgoing connections are also 2-way. All connections are 2-way. Having an incoming means that your node can listen for others that want to connect. With no incoming, your node can still connect ...
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4 votes

How can I manually stop attempting to connect to offline nodes

If I recall correctly the IPs of these nodes are stored in p2pstate.bin and therefore bitmonerod (the daemon) will try to keep connecting to them. This also answers your second question. There are two ...
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Monero Regtest: How do I generate 'n' blocks to my wallet?

Start the monero daemon with the following flags: ./monerod --regtest --offline --fixed-difficulty 1 --fixed-difficulty keeps the difficulty constant, allowing users to quickly generate a large ...
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2 votes

Is it possible to solo-mine on a non-public node?

Another way to look at it is that a node isn't a factor (as long as the node is up to date). When you mine, you're already requesting that if the work you perform mines a block, the block reward goes ...
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