Another option is using a symbolic link, in Windows it's done with the mklink command: First make sure monero gui (and daemon) are stopped. Move the lmdb folder from C:\ProgramData\bitmonero to its new destination (here D:\Monero\Blockchain). (might work with the whole bitmonero folder moved and a bitmonero link in ProgramData, not tested this way as i don't ...


I assume you mean 0.14.0.x. If so, it will continue syncing part of the chain only. To sync the entirety of the chain, you need at least 0.16.x.y, but 0.17.x.y is strongly recommended, since in about a month (mid october 2020), 0.16.x.y will stop syncing too. The 0.17.x.y daemon is available on getmonero.org as binaries for Mac if needed.


Ended up deleting the whole blockchain (94GB) and resynching with the --prune-blockchain start up flag for Daemon set in the miners wallet gui. This took over 5 days but I now have a 29GB blockchain a saving of 65GB!

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