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How can someone verify that the source downloaded from github is genuine?

Signed git commits allow a user to verify the source was signed by one of the contributors. In order for this to work, however, several steps have to be taken: The user must have git and GPG ...
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A SHA-1 collision has been found. Does that mean the Monero repositories on Github can be compromised?

It'd need to wait for git to implement stronger collision resistance. Work is underway for this: However, Linus (original ...
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Source code history "immutability"

If history is rewritten, you will not be able to pull over an existing tree (it's a bit more complicated, but in the general case where you're only ever on master, it holds). This is the "fast forward"...
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Tools to ease Monero source code pull request

In addition to the comments from user36303 and JollyMort see this answer to my recent question about the difference between ring size and mixin. The distinction is clarified below: Ring size = '...
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installing Aeon on Ubuntu

Boost version 1.54 is unsupported, more details are available here What do you get when you run this: sudo apt install libboost-all-dev
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Building Monero From Source on Windows 10 Pro

To solve this, rename the directory C:\Users\...\monero\build\release e.g. to C:\Users\...\monero\build\zzzrelease
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