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15 votes

Monero hard fork procedure

30 days before the fork there will be a code freeze + tag + release, If there are no major changes there will at least be an increase in the protocol version. A similar fork system to Bitcoin will ...
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8 votes

How can I be notified of important updates/news to the Monero software?

There is now a monero-announce mailing list on which such important announcements will be made:
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2 votes

Block height and notification procedure for v7+ forks

Has the block height for the v7 fork been decided upon yet? As can be seen from the code here, there's currently no block height set yet for the v7 fork. It'll likely be somewhere in March 2018 ...
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1 vote

After a fork, if a user opens an incompatible GUI/CLI, what information is presented to the user which says they are using old software?

When starting the daemon, monerod, or one of the command line wallets (monero-wallet-cli, monero-wallet-rpc), if you are running an old version, it prints a warning message telling you an update is ...
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