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What is a disposable address?

I will first quote the abstract of MRL-0006 draft by kenshi84: In the CryptoNote protocol, wallet addresses never appear in the blockchain, protecting users' privacy from blockchain analysis. However,...
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Why were Monero Disposable addresses dropped?

Disposable addresses require the sender to use an unencrypted payment id specified by the receiver. This means that if funds are sent to a disposable address more than once, an observer can tell that ...
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6 votes

What is a disposable / sub-address?

There are disposable addresses and subaddresses. Subaddresses are cool because you can have different addresses and still have them go to the same wallet. But they wouldn't be linked together. As pebx ...
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6 votes

What is a disposable / sub-address?

I will quote some comments from kenshi84 (who submitted the pull request). Subaddresses are just like the standard address that you can use for receiving funds repeatedly. For example, you can use ...
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Do sub-addresses and disposable addresses have their own private viewkeys and spendkeys?

No. Given an output pubkey P in a new transaction with its tx pubkey being R, you can recognize it as your incoming transfer by using your private viewkey a, looking for P - Hs(a*R)*G in your ...
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