The esperanto term for daughter chains is Moneridos. Daughter chains are pegged side-chains which can be merged mined. They are designed to process microtransactions and other stuff that would just spam the main chain, like on-chain betting or gambling. The differences to side chains are that they are deeply anchored into the Monero Core and will be enabled ...


It's probably better to understand first that daughter-chains are quite different to Lightning Network. A daughter-chain is a side-chain pegged to the main-chain and what's been discussed is having the implementation in the core wallets. This would make it very useful from a user perspective, in my opinion, alongside the more generic use-cases daughter-...


From my understanding, daughter chains are not as secure. They do not have the same mining strength that the normal blockchain has with its PoW system. Daughter chains can be helpful for rapid/instant transactions, where I have good faith the network will not be hacked for someone to steal my $2.

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