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[C]ost [O]f [N]ode [OP]eration is (theoretically) a way to measure to the cost of running a full node. If we peg a blockchain with a 1 MB blocksize as having a CONOP of 1, then doubling the blocksize to 2 MB, would double the CONOP to 2, thus reducing decentralization since increasing CONOP would result in less people running full nodes (higher the price ...


By definition pruning branches cannot be considered full nodes because they are missing the data that has been pruned. Pruning branches are not full nodes according to the definition of CONOP. This explanation explains why full nodes (in addition to pruning branches) are necessary. Pruning data makes a node unable to supply the pruned data to other ...


Riccardo Spagni was discussing CONOP (Cost of Node-Option) at the "OnChain Scaling Conferences" in a presentation called Dynamic Block Size Caps (YouTube):

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