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Android Monerujo wallet doesn't detect monero wallet files from another phone

From the FAQ: If you want to use existing wallet files, you need to copy the wallet files from you current Monero client. These are: WalletName WalletName.address.txt WalletName.keys You need to zip ...
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monero-wallet-gui on android playstore

25$ one-time dev fee to create an account on playstore (NB: it's full KYC'd) Minor build changes: target API level 30 (currently 28) Release build type (currently release builds produces debug apk) ...
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Is userland running monero gui possible and safe?

As with any used computer, I'd advise wiping it, reinstalling the operating system before using it, to ensure the previous owner hasn't installed anything malicious on it. Then running Monero on it ...
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