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Open source cryptocurrency that is focused on providing anonymity to its users, launched in October 2016. Zcash uses a zero-knowledge proof construction called a zk-SNARK.

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Acquiring greater than 51% of the Monero network can pose what kind of risks?

As I understand it, if a mining operator was to attain 51% of the network, they can perform a double spend. But would this be detected? And if the same attack was done on Zcash, could it be detected ...
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Monero comparison wiki states zcash is not "decentralized": why? The monero comparison wiki states zcash is not decentralized. Why? Also since it's a monero subreddit, it can be seen as biased toward monero. What are ...
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Started back after completion

Monero started back synchronizing after completion or connected ! Should I just close the wallet once it completed the next time?
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Monero mining equipments can mine Zcash as well and have the same hashpower?

Is any device capable to mine monero, also capable to mine Zcash (zec)? The hashes per second offered in that equipment for monero would apply also for zcash? That would be helpful for the mining ...
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Monero trademark control and potential for abuse

Recently, I read about the Zcash Electric Coin Company “Zcash” trademark and active efforts to prevent others from using that name by making pull requests in competing forks and legal reminders. ...
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Selective transparency in Monero vs Zcash

How does the view key functionalist in Monero compare to the view key functionality in Zcash? Does one system review more or less transaction details than the other? What are the differences?
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Monero mixin 0 versus Zcash "T" address transaction

How does the privacy of a Zcash "T" address transaction compare with a Monero mixin 0 transaction (back when they were available)? Does 'T" stand for transparent? Would it be technically possible ...
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Could Monero implement zk-SNARKS in the future?

At the moment ring signatures are more eficient than zk-SNARKS, but as fluffypony already comment, probably any cryptocurrencie in the future will use this technology. Can monero implement zk-SNARKS ...
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How does XMR compare to ZCash in terms of transaction fees, mining, coin supply?

There was another question about the comparison between ZCash and Monero's anonymity, but I wanted to ask another regarding the other differences. Do Monero and ZCash have different transaction fees? ...
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What is the difference between "trustless" and "trusted" system?

I have read that Zcash is a "trusted" system and that Monero is "trustless". As they are both open source projects, what is the difference. What makes Monero "trustless"?
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Monero RAM requirements compared with Zcash

Does a Monero full node require more or less RAM than a Zcash full node? Assuming 8GB of ram how much time would it take to generate one RingCT transaction of average size with a standard mixin ...
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Sidechain with Monero as the base token and Zerocoin as the anonymous token

The ZCash protocol has both basecoins which are traceable and Zerocoins which are anonymous. Basecoins can be converted into Zerocoins but the conversion itself is visible on the blockchain. Could a ...
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How does Monero privacy and security compare to Zcash?

How does Monero privacy compare to Zcash? What are the key security risks associated with each design? Since important Monero improvements are in active development and Zcash has yet to launch, ...
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