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How to correctly add current monero-gui to debian bookworm

From adrelanos' github, this link: does not work anymore. It worked previously for bullseye however. I did make some changes. the first step: wget https://www....
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Blockchain is (fully?) synchronized, but lmdb size is 1 Gb

I'm just starting with Monero. I'm using pre-installed Monero (XMR) Wallet on Whonix. My settings are: Advanced mode Portable mode enabled Local node, with location of blockchain set to a separate ...
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Failed to check for map support: write failed: No space left on device

Hi complete noob here but still want to run a monero node: I completed the Qubes Whonix Isolation guide for a monero node. I created a wallet in wallet-ws then. Shutdown. Then I opened monerod-ws and ...
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