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Questions about a special kind of Monero wallet where incoming transactions can be monitored with the use of view key and address, but secure against spending because the private spend key is not used. Optionally, key images generated offline with the use of private spend key can be imported into the watch wallet to show outgoing transactions and correct balance.

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2 votes
1 answer

Multiple different wallets connected to same monero node

I'm trying to connect multiple wallet-RPC to the same monero node. I have started two separated terminals in order to test the setup and started it with the following command: ./monero-wallet-rpc --...
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2 answers

Is there a monero address monitoring service?

Is there a monero monitoring service where it will email/sms me if it receives any coins? I'm assuming you'd have to give this service your public view and public spend keys in order for them to see ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Viewkey for outgoing transactions

Here fluffy mentions the possibility of maybe modifying a viewkey in such a way that you can also see outgoing transactions. Does anyone have any more info on what exactly he meant or how it would ...
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5 votes
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Unable to spend from cold storage

I am unable to spend from my offline cold storage, I can see the coins as available on the watch-only wallet. Using the transfer command, I am able to generate an unsigned transaction file. This file ...
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2 votes
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multiple watch-only wallet management: suggestions?

 I have a bunch of wallets for which I expect to cold-sign transactions when required. I have set these up as watch-only hot wallets using monero-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key, but would ...
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Can I retroactively add the spendkey to a watch only wallet?

If yes, how can this be done? The reason being that I want to spend the balance, but I don't want to set the wallet up again and sync it as this takes a while. It's just a time saver I'm hoping for.
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2 votes
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How to send funds with a watch-only and cold wallet set up?

So I have a cold wallet set up with an online watching only. My question is how do i go about sending funds with this set up? As well as updating the cold wallet balance if that's necessary. This is ...
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How do you create a watch only wallet in simplewallet with the viewkey?

We all know that the viewkey can be used to verify transactions you've made, and has been covered to a certain extent in other questions, but how is this employed using the simplewallet client? What ...
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