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How to run a node without validating the blockchain?

How someone can run a node without validating whole Monero blockchain? This can be useful for who wants to run a node on slower disks like HDDs.
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If transaction amounts are hidden, how can nodes and miners confirm whether I have enough monero in my wallet to send the amount I want to send? [duplicate]

Basically, suppose I want to send 1 Monero to a random address that I found. If I were to write my own Monero client wallet that didn't perform any validation whatsoever and just broadcast any ...
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How are Monero transactions verified if they are encrypted?

If the sender, recipient, and amount is all obfuscated, how can people on the network trust that people are not trading coins they don't have.
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How to programatically validate Monero address

When withdrawing with BTC this line of code checks for empty wallet and a false wallet addresses and aborts the withdrawal if either are detected. I have the empty part working for XMR what would I ...
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How does nicehash perform share validation?

I'm talking about two services: NiceHash and MiningRentals and CryptonightV1 algorithm (which they call CryptonightV7), for example. Let's suppose someone trying to fool one of them and: Miner (...
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