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Inability to trace Monero transactions thanks to the use of mandatory ring signatures.

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Use range proofs to make fees proportional to amounts in transactions

For what I could understand, reading a bit about the use of Bulletproof in Monero, it is used to prove that the amounts in the transaction are between 0 and 2^N-1, where N is the number of bits, ...
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Can private coin wallets be IP tracked?

Say you have a private currency like Monero. You receive private coin in your wallet, an address on the blockchain basically. Is there any way your computer can be tracked down? Like when you interact ...
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What are advantages and disadvantages of Monero's privacy features as compared to Bitcoin?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Monero's privacy features as compared to Bitcoin?
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How much I "deanonymize" transaction when I put my address into "extra" part of a transaction?

Does it break untraceability or unlinkability (or something else) if everyone can see the sender's address (or one of the senders because of mixins)? And I mean doing it for example for every 10th ...
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When sending monero to an address. Does my wallet keep track of the history of where it was sent to?

Does the monero wallet keep track of where I sent my coins to? Say someone found all my private keys for my monero wallet. Can they open the wallet and see where I've been spending my coins? This is ...
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Do all coins using CryptoNote provide untraceabilty?

I know Monero is a fork of ByteCoin. Does this means ByteCoin also provides untraceabilty? Does this mean all currencies using CryptoNote is untraceable? PS: By untraceability I meant, no one can ...
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Obfuscating the output as well?

This is just a random idea with no technical backing: with RingCT the input is obfuscated, but everyone still knows that the output destination holds the money. Is there any possibility of also ...
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Difference between Unlinkability and Untraceability

Please provide a simple explanation that can distinguish Monero unlinkability and untraceability. Is it possible for a cryptocurrency to have one (unlinkability or untraceability) without the other? ...
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ELI5 why Monero blacklists are impossible

If an exchange is given a court order generated by an uneducated prosecutor to blacklist deposits from a Monero certain address, what is the simplest way to inform the prosecutor of the impossibility ...
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Usage of a zero mixin (ring size =1)

Zero mixin (ring size=1) transactions are no longer allowed (except for sweeping dust). When they were allowed before the March 2016 hard fork they were quite common. Is there evidence to support ...
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Is a Monero hardfork to replace stolen funds impossible due to its untraceability

If a hacker was able to steal coins from a major Monero exchange or large owner would Monero developers be able to do anything to recover the stolen funds (assuming they wanted to try)? Is it ...
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How can I use Monero to pay a Bitcoin accepting merchant?

Can I use Monero to pay a Bitcoin accepting merchant in a untraceable manner? If so what is the process?
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