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2 answers

Buying Monero and saving to Ledger

I wish to buy cryptocurrency (Monero) for the first time: I have no real knowledge of how to do this, and I wish to pay in cash. Can this be done? I have bought a Ledger Nano S but haven't received it ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why Monero used to split amounts by denominations?

I'm reading about Monero and the CryptoNote paper in general. I somewhat understand both the stealth addresses and the ring signatures. Reading this stackexchange I've encountred several times that ...
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1 answer

5-party Ring Signatures still being implicatory for sender?

Why are 5-party ring signatures enough for privacy? I don't understand how even if I get everything else right privacy-wise, I can still be connected to a transaction and potentially implicated in ...
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1 answer

What's the minimum transaction with monero?

What's the minimum transaction with monero. Can I send for example $0.01 in XMR to another person?
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2 votes
1 answer

What determines who gets the block reward

I am trying to understand the monero code and was unsure how the code decides which address to the block reward to and how it is done. I have been able to follow the proccess up until we decide how ...
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I want my money to be private and to use it as needed each month to pay bills etc

How do I get a Monero account? What is the transition process from a bank account to Monero? Do I transfer my bank account to a Monero account? Or do I write a check? Do I pay my bills with ...
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1 answer

Where are the signatures of a ring coming from?

In a Monero transaction, according to explanation videos: The non-signers are past transaction outputs pulled from the blockchain, which act as decoys. These outputs together make the inputs of a ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Is there an easy way of creating a transaction in NodeJs?

I'm trying to construct a transaction and send it to the network using NodeJs. I asked around and was told to take a look at mymonero-core-js. While it seems like the library is exactly what I need, I'...
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What is the command in monero cli to send some coins to an address or multiple addresses at once? [duplicate]

What is the cli command to send some coins to 1 address and the command to send to multiple addresses by paying a fee once?
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If I have already sent crypto to a wallet from an exchange, can I still use Monero to make my crypto anonymous?

I have a few nano ledger wallets that I use and I have sent the crypto to these wallets from centralised exchanges such as Binance. How can I make the tokens within those wallets anonymous using ...
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