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Questions relating to the volume of transactions occurring on the global Monero network

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How many payments can be included in one transfer command?

A single transfer command in monero-wallet-cli may include multiple payments to different addresses (or to the same address). Is there a hard limit to the number of payments that can be included? I ...
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Transactions per block by time of day

I am wondering if there are certain times of day where the Monero network is much busier (on average than others). Is there any resource to help sort the number of transactions per block by the time ...
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Can Monero in its current state handle the amount of daily transactions bitcoin does, and if so how long would a confirmation take?

We can all see the Bitcoin network is struggling with very long waiting times for confirmations and this is of course due to the massive amount of transactions it has to deal with (greater than all ...
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Is the syncing time a good benchmark to evaluate Monero resource requirement with high tx/s?

It took about 6h to sync my node with monerod 0.10.0 (It might have taken less time, I can't recall the exact time unfortunately) Monero has about 240,000 tx in the blockchain last year. (...
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Is it impossible to calculate Monero Days Destroyed?

Based on my understanding of Bitcoin Days Destroyed its calculation requires knowing how long it has been since Bitcoin was last spent. Monero has inherent privacy that would seem to prevent a similar ...
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Which activity metrics are most highly correlated with transaction volume? [closed]

Have there been any studies comparing growth in various community, developer or merchant metrics to the average number of Monero transactions per day? Growth in which of the following are most ...
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